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The Best Sideloader for Timber Handling

Forestry and timber businesses were the first to see the benefits of sideloader use. In many timber producing regions of Europe, ‘Baumann’ and ‘sideloader’ are inter-changeable.

  • Durable, practical, comfortable

  • High performance electrics with long run times

  • Safe & efficient handling


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Energy Generation

The basic reasons behind the sideloader’s popularity are obvious – long loads are tricky to handle; sideloaders hold them securely. Long loads take up space; sideloaders are space efficient.

Even in the wide-open spaces of modern sawmills, such as BSW Group’s 15 ha (37 acres) Carlisle site, the uneven ground and distances travelled makes the sideloader an obvious choice.

The art of working sideways

Maximum safety & storage capacity,
with unmatched runtimes.

Highly efficient 120v Batteries

Baumann’s EGX series trucks have two drive motors and larger capacity one-piece batteries that can be lifted off the chassis and swapped for a freshly charged one. Large diameter hydraulic pipes were used to reduce the energy needed to drive key functions such as lift and outreach. Runtimes of 8 to 10 hours are commonplace, whilst intelligent chargers maintain battery health.

built to exacting standards

Baumann sideloaders are built to exacting standards with masts that have a unique profile designed for the demands of working sideways. The trucks can cope with the ground conditions and have features which enables forks to lift loads that are not always perfectly horizontal – a single fork that can move independently. A feature also popular with roof truss manufacturers.

chassis pivotting/ auto deck levelling

The entire sideloader chassis pivots to provide the equivalent of tilt on a forklift mast, and Baumann sideloaders also adapt to the ground conditions to ensure the bed remains level, even with the ground is not.


One of our biggest ever innovations is the Variable Reach System (VRS), our award-winning Archimedes outreach system.

This patented system utilises the direct drive Archimedes screw to extend the fork carriage, whilst preventing transverse movements and eliminating unnecessary stresses.

The system is low in maintenance and simple in design, with a high level of engineering and durability to ensure greater safety, smoother joystick control and highly accurate and efficient load handling.

Zero emissions. 100% Baumann.

There was a time when every sideloader was powered by diesel, but today’s timber businesses are seen as important custodians of the environment and are looking to reduce their carbon tyreprints.

With our ELX & EGX ranges, they can do precisely that.