Steel producers, structural engineers,
stockholders & aluminium smelters

The Best Sideloader for Steel Handling

At its heart, the best sideloader for steelworks, or other metals industries is one that is robust and durable, has a simple construction and is easy to service, yet is compact for greater manoeuvrability.

  • Steel decks or heat dispersal for durability
  • High performance electrics with long run times

  • Load guards and posts to keep loads in place

  • From 3 to 50 tonnes capacity

  • A host of compatible safety light & camera systems

Steel is one of the biggest markets for medium and large capacity Baumann sideloaders. Sheets, I-beams, plates, tubes, re-bar, even coils – all require careful handling.

Some metals customers with less heavy loads, perhaps 5 to 8 tonnes in capacity, benefit from the Baumann GX and EGX ranges. These are built on a smaller chassis, but have high quality drive motors and often, for steelworks and steel stockholders, are re-inforced with steel checkerboard plate decks.

The art of working sideways

Superb residual capacities,
visibility & Durability.

heavy duty gs series

Safely handling large, heavy loads is a key strength of the Baumann GS range. The higher capacities are complemented by ‘over-dimensioned’ parts (the chassis, axles and mast of the Baumann GS 150-180 series are tested to a safe working load of 20 tonnes) and additional strengthening in key areas. Protection from falling loads can be found in load posts and grills to the side and cabin roof, whilst heat insulation, in the form of metal plates to the wheels and deck, are useful for protecting operations handling hot aluminium or steel billets.

built for tough environments

Where heat is a concern, the on-board electronics are kept to a minimum to reduce the possibility of electromagnetic interference and damage from high temperatures prevalent in steel and aluminium manufacturing.

Many components, such as levers, parking brake and oil supply, are either hydraulic or mechanical. This also means that sensitive electronic components, such as CAN Bus systems or electronic sensors for wheel hub motors, are not needed.

chassis pivotting/ auto deck levelling

The entire sideloader chassis pivots to provide the equivalent of tilt on a forklift mast, and Baumann sideloaders also adapt to the ground conditions to ensure the bed remains level, even with the ground is not.

lift without stabilizers

The GS chassis features redistributed weight to eliminate the need for stabilizers and large axle and wheel dimensions to provide greater torque and load security on uneven ground.

The engine is positioned beneath the platform to improve the drivers’ visibility and the chassis-tilting system, as a whole, provides greater load security and ease of use.

Zero emissions. 100% Baumann.

There was a time when every sideloader was powered by diesel, but today’s businesses are seen as important custodians of the environment and are looking to reduce their carbon tyreprints.

With our ELX & EGX ranges, they can do precisely that.