Plastic pipes & extrusions

The Best Sideloader for Plastics Handling

Baumann sideloaders perform incredibly well at handling long loads and coils of pipe. Add to that the telescopic forks, extended carriages or and extra wide fork positioners, and the Baumann is the perfect match plastics handling.

  • Durable, high precision, comfortable

  • High performance electrics with long run times

  • Safe & efficient handling

The basic reasons behind the sideloader’s popularity are obvious – long loads are tricky to handle; sideloaders hold them securely. Long loads take up space; sideloaders are space efficient.

Conserving resources, reducing emissions and reducing energy consumption are just some of the integral parts of Streng Plastic’s corporate culture.

It’s one of the reasons they pay particular attention to the equipment they use, including Baumann sideloaders.

The art of working sideways

Maximimum safety & storage capacity,
with unmatched runtimes.

Highly efficient 120v Batteries

Baumann is the only company that makes a 120 volt sideloader. The zero emission machines, with single piece battery above the deck, can operate around the clock Runtimes of 8 to 10 hours are commonplace, whilst intelligent chargers maintain battery health and a simple battery change process is possible by crane or forklift pockets.

intelligent control

The fork spread and lifting rear fork are operated by electronic joystick with capacitive sensing – the sensors detecting electromagnetism in the hand to ensure the mast or forks are not moved accidentally.

chassis pivotting/ auto deck levelling

The entire sideloader chassis pivots to provide the equivalent of tilt on a forklift mast, and Baumann sideloaders also adapt to the ground conditions to ensure the bed remains level, even with the ground is not.


One of our biggest ever innovations is the Variable Reach System (VRS), our award-winning Archimedes outreach system.

This patented system utilises the direct drive Archimedes screw to extend the fork carriage, whilst preventing transverse movements and eliminating unnecessary stresses.

The system is low in maintenance and simple in design, with a high level of engineering and durability to ensure greater safety, smoother joystick control and highly accurate and efficient load handling.

Zero emissions. 100% Baumann.

There was a time when every sideloader was powered by diesel, but today’s timber businesses are seen as important custodians of the environment and are looking to reduce their carbon tyreprints. With our ELX & EGX ranges,