Concrete floor beams, stairs & hollow core

The Best Sideloader for Handling Pre-Cast Concrete

Strong but brittle; robust, yet delicate – pre-cast concrete is a special type of load, requiring careful handling and the best sideloaders that are always up to the job.

  • Great camera, mast & fork options

  • High performance electrics with long run times

  • Safe & efficient handling

Keeping damage to a minimum is key in concrete handling. For that, two factors, load security and excellent visibility, make a huge difference.

Other operator-assistance features gently nudge behaviour, such as the built-in creep speed when the forks are positioned outside the boundary of the chassis, or the driver door interlock, which ensures the truck will only operate with the door closed.

The art of working sideways

Spreading forks or extended carriages help carry extra long loads safely & securely.

Excellent visibility

The panoramic cabin on the Baumann GX and EGX ranges offers excellent visibility, consequently users find it much easier to load on and off stacks and vehicles. The elevated position provides a clear vantage point and views to the rear of the machine are improved by the mast retracting far back into the well.

superb safety features

All round camera systems also supplement the excellent views. Additional features, such as pedestrian recognition alerts; red zonal lights; blue safety lights; audible alarms and on-board operator monitoring systems, help alert managers, operator or pedestrian to issues or dangers.

chassis pivotting/ auto deck levelling

The entire sideloader chassis pivots to provide the equivalent of tilt on a forklift mast, and Baumann sideloaders also adapt to the ground conditions to ensure the bed remains level, even with the ground is not.

Tapered forks, where the tip of the fork is thinner, can also help where gaps between stacked products are small.


The chassis tilting system, controlled by a single joystick, allows the whole machine to pitch sideways, similar to the tilt function on a forklift mast. Carrying loads six to ten metres in length is achieved with the help of an extended carriage, the length of the machine.

Driven by a chain, the extended carriage enables the forks to spread outside the width of the chassis.

The forks can also be brought in to the well for use as a traditional sideloader. It allows the truck to handle shorter products and long hollowcore products.

Zero emissions. 100% Baumann.

There was a time when every sideloader was powered by diesel, but today’s businesses are seen as important custodians of the environment and are looking to reduce their carbon tyreprints. With our ELX & EGX ranges, they can do precisely that.