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Baumann sideloaders make long load handling safe and productive.

Baumann is a business 50 years in the making. We are delighted to share with you the hard work and innovations that make our sideloaders the best in the world.

Cavaion Veronese, near Verona, Italy, has been home to Baumann since 1969, with the factory more than tripling in size over the years, as the company grew.

The location of ‘Cavaion Sideloaders Baumann’ was said to have been selected for its proximity to a renowned nearby technical school by owner, Wolfgang Baumann, who believes craftsmanship “permeates the local culture”.

Our machines can cope with almost anything you can throw at them. Their solid steel outreach cylinders and bearings can be up to 50% larger than any other sideloader on the market.

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Jay Meschino
Jay MeschinoBaumann USA
A results oriented storage systems design professional and materials handling equipment specialist with a background in operational engineering. Over 20 years of industry experience with a regional dealership, a nationally focused systems integrator and an international industry leading manufacturer.
Mark Bann
Mark BannBaumann UK
Experienced industry professional with over twenty years in the sales arena. The customer will experience added value to their business through my consultative approach. This will ensure the solution implemented is the best for all parties involved.
Fabio Bernieri
Fabio BernieriBaumann International
A proud Parmense, Fabio has a degree in economics, having studied in both Italy and for a time in Germany, before starting his career in HR. After 5 years with a forklift manufacturer he moved to Baumann in 2008, where he now heads up international sales.