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The capacity of a sideloader, or any type of forklift, is an important factor to consider when choosing the right sideloader for your business.

The sideloader capacity is the maximum weight that the sideloader can lift when the load centre is at a specified point.

Load capacities range from 3 tonnes (2722kg) all the way up to 50 tonnes (50,000kg), so rest assured, there will be a sideloader right for you. On average, almost all sideloaders can lift 5 tons or less, this includes electric and diesel sideloaders.

In this blog, we’re going to outline the different types of sideloader, focusing on sideloader capacities.

Electric Sideloaders: 3-8 Tonnes Sideloader Capacity
If your load is not going to exceed 5 tons, then an electric sideloader will be a great option for you. Electric sideloaders have a range of benefits.

They are durable and highly-efficient machines that emit zero emissions, making them a great choice for indoor projects. But they are also durable and reliable enough to work well outdoors. And they won’t harm the environment!

With an electric sideloader, you can save a considerable amount of money on fuel without compromising on power.

A customer survey compared an electric sideloader with a diesel sideloader of the same capacity over 9,000 hours and saved approximately $25,000 in fuel.

Electric sideloaders are also more affordable when it comes to operating and maintenance costs, as they have fewer moving parts and therefore require less maintenance/repairs.

EGX Range (5-8 Tonnes)
Baumann’s EGX Range of electric sideloaders offers the longest-running hours in its class. Each model in the range (EGX 50, EGX 60, EGX 70 & EGX 80L) features high speeds, long battery life and an award-winning outreach system.

As far as load capacities go, the EGX 80L has the largest load capacity of any electric sideloader.

ELX Range (3-5 Tonnes)
With a max capacity of 5 tonnes, the is a compact and lightweight machine offering amazing work cycles. This intelligent machine is just four metres in length, making it a great option for busy warehouses. It utilises a bespoke steering axle and a flow matching hydraulic system.

EHX Range (3-5 Tonnes)
The 80v electric EHX offers high speeds and higher deck heights, with capacities from 3 to 5 tonnes. This light-duty machine performs superbly over long shifts and greater distances.

Diesel Sideloaders: Up To 50 Tonnes Capacity
If you need something larger than an 8-ton load capacity, then a diesel sideloader will be the better option for you.

Diesel sideloaders also have benefits when compared to their electrical counterparts. For example, these sideloaders are built to work seamlessly on rough terrains, in all weather conditions. They are sturdy machines that offer unbeatable stability and excellent control – making them an excellent choice for outdoor projects. And diesel sideloaders don’t need downtime to recharge, unlike electric sideloaders.

They will offer ongoing power and unrivalled productivity for prolonged periods. And it takes just minutes to refuel them compared to the hours it takes an electric sideloader to recharge.

The GS Range and GX Range feature an auto-stabilizing system, meaning the load remains stable even on uneven ground.

GS Range (8-50 Tonnes)
If you need to move some serious weight, there is only one type of sideloader for you – the Baumann GS Range Sideloader. This impressive range features 9 models, ranging from 8 tons to 500 tons!

With this lift capacity, we believe it is the most robust, yet most compact sideloader on the market. These tough and sturdy machines feature Baumann’s innovative qualities, including responsive controls and an auto-stabilising system.

HX Range (3-5 Tonnes)
If you want a compact yet powerful diesel sideloader that can carry long and heavy loads in tight spaces, the HX range is a great option.

The HX range features an engine that meets tough emissions standards via an oxidising catalytic converter, so it has low emissions. Choose from 3, 4 or 5-ton capacities and enjoy the award-winning levels of practicality, durability, and visibility.

GX Range (5-8 Tonnes)
With heavy-duty components, load-sensing and auto-deck levelling, the GX Range of diesel sideloaders is a real workhorse and excellent all-rounder. It features an award-winning outreach system, a hydrostatic drive and a superb ergonomic cabin.

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