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Sometimes commonsense isn’t all it’s cracked up to be.

Vikings never wore horns on their helmets, as rapid-fire YouTuber, John Green, points out at the start of his list of 50 myths and common misconceptions

Sideloader Myths And Misconceptions

Sometimes the wrong facts just stick around and are hard to shift, unlike, ahem, long loads with a Baumann sideloader, so whilst we are tenuously on the subject, here are some sideloader myths and other things that people sometimes get wrong about sideloaders.

Sideloader Myth #1: They Are Dying Out

When did this come in?! Someone better tell our production staff who are working at maximum capacity on record levels of orders! Companies may be discovering new ways of handling products, improving their operations, and distributing long loads, but often that’s with the help of sideloaders, not without them, particularly in new markets such as plastics and pre-cast concrete.

Sideloader Myth #2: They Aren’t Powerful Enough

With the majority (80 to 90%) of our sales now being electric models, and with the financial and environmental factors stacking up against diesel, we may on occasion hear the suggestion that electric sideloaders just aren’t powerful enough.

Well, Baumann 120-volt electrics are here to prove that’s just plain wrong. The driving performance on our electrics outstrips diesel models, and torque, responsible for that initial movement that gives the machine its feeling of fast performance, is actually better on our electrics.

It is true that machines with capacities above 8 tonnes require a lot of extra juice that battery power isn’t quite up to right now, but we are working on that, so watch this space.

Sideloader Myth #3: Only Work On Smooth Surfaces

This one is surprisingly common, but no, Baumann sideloaders do not only work on smooth surfaces, they also comfortably work on mountainsides, over potholes and over long distances. Being able to negotiate uneven surfaces is one of our defining features. Auto-deck levelling keeps the load horizontal thanks to pressure in the bed tilting cylinders adapting as the wheels encounter changes in the road surface and the floating mounts of the chassis.

Sideloader Myth #4: Used Instead Of Multi-Directional Trucks

Well, not exactly. It’s true that some customers have returned to sideloader applications after thinking they were getting something extra from multi-directional machines, and having discovered their operation also lost out.

For the most part, the length of the load determines how it is handled and if the application is strictly long loads and doesn’t include pallet handling, we would say it always works better with a sideloader. What some users gained in switching to multi-direction, they sometimes lost in slowing the operation down as the wheels slowly turned, digging into loose ground, scrubbing tyres as they go.

That’s not to say there’s not a place for multi-directional machines – we would never say that. It’s horses for courses.

Sideloader Myth #5: They Can’t Work Outdoors

This mis-conception is particularly prevalent for electric machines. Many Baumann machines only work outdoors, but it is the case that indoor environments are not great for diesel emissions, even with the latest filters applied.

Perhaps seeing Baumann electric sideloaders indoors frequently, and worrying about water ingress makes this more understandable, but the truth is that electrics are designed for tough environments, hot and cold conditions, and even those places like the UK, where rain is not unknown!

Sideloader Myth #6: Electric Models Won’t Last A Full Shift

It’s a big surprise to many when we tell them our electrics provide 9 or 10 hours of shift life. Of course the application, settings, battery care and driving style can make a huge impact on the duration of the battery, but our high voltage machines are built to last.

Compared to diesel machines that can be left ticking over when not in operation, Baumann electrics draw next to no power from the battery unless in use. This extends use well beyond many users expectations. The battery needs to be correctly specified of course, and like all electrical equipment, sensible battery management is required, but getting all the way to the end of the shift is rarely an issue.

Sideloader Myth #7: Forklift Operators Don’t Like Them

Okay, we may have to give you this one. Some forklift users are less familiar and therefore a little nervous when it comes to using a sideloader, but here’s the thing, the load may be side on, but you are not.

Looking over your shoulder may be required from time to time, such as when picking up a load (although not necessarily if your truck has one of our many camera options), but driving forward is clear and comfortable from a raised position. Loads are more stable, driving with an unrestricted view is easier, the machine, unlike forklifts, is built for the long loads job.

Discover The Benefits of Baumann Sideloaders For Yourself

We hope this post went some way to changing your perception of sideloaders with our sideloader myths well and truly busted!

Electrical efficiency is one of many brilliant features designed and developed for Baumann sideloaders. Get in touch with us to discover more features or talk about buying a new or used sideloader.


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